About Bargine super industry:

We know as everyone that cigarettes have a negative impact on the health, but on the one hand, smokers in the society are a fact of inescapability, ignoring this part of community is just for showing the society in better looking instead of facing the problem and On the other hand, a significant part of market demand, despite imported, is being smuggled into the country.

In this regard, we decided to enter this field of production and with the establishment of the “Bargine super  industry ” after passing the administrative process and obtaining permits to produce cigarettes, we offered our first brand following the orders of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in the year of supporting Iranian goods with “Marathon” brand.

Currently, this collection is one of the youngest cigarette production units in the country and the company’s management is seeking dynamically and systematically to reach a good position among the elite brands firstly in the domestic market and then international markets.

So first of all, we are trying to take a small step, in order to eliminate part of the workers concern and youth employment in this country. Secondly, by producing cigarettes with the best raw materials to minimize the disadvantages of it. Thirdly, moving on the path to self-sufficiency would reduce the country’s need to the imported products and prevent  bleeding  of the foreign currency.

Certainly, efforts and investments in this field have many challenges, but the goal of entrepreneurship leads us directly and indirectly to make the next steps more robust.

The company policy is to reduce smoking by the youth of this country and export all of the products.